Multiplayer Network Test (PUN) with Legend of Zelda

Picture Favorite child game that was recreated with multiplayer. This was a simple three day project to understand how to implement multiplayer into my games in the future. I used the popular Photon Networking SDK ( and this was before Unity had its own comparable MP service (which I still think shadows in comparison to PUN)

Picture The main feature of the game besides the iconic franchise was adding the ability to chat with other fellow players. Of course seeing them move and updating their position is the main point of multiplayer, but communication/interaction is so important for this type of game.

Picture Once I understood the whole networking API from Photon, I’ve added more adjust like having the names display on top of the characters. The hardest part of the whole multiplayer course was understanding the master client relationship. I had to take into account what happens if the host disappears or more characters are added. How does information sync up efficiently and as fast as possibly between all the clients. And most important, what information should the client have vs the master. Really was a nice experience that gave me a whole new view on multiplayer services and I really appreciate those network developers a lot more now.