Lion Fish App

This app was made for the Big Ocean Button Challenge along with 3 other members. I was tasked with the front-end design of the project and used React Native for the cross platform support along with the familiar css styling.

My Job was to work on the front end of the app and I could use whatever tools I needed to do the job. It was between Xamarin, a cross-platform C# framework for ios and android vs React Native (javascript). I was much more familiar with C# .net but I chose to work with React Native after being impressed by their examples and demos.

I only had 2 months to learn the framework and create a full app device out of it since I joined the team late and the other developer ghosted the team. It was stressfull but Facebook did a really good job at writing the documentation for React Native and it had everything I needed there. The hardest thing to wrap my head around was the use of props and hot both html and javascript code were one file.

This was my first app and my first serious project in a team but it was very challenging and I am happy I took up the challenge to learn something new.