Ludum Dare 39: Winter Survival

Picture Another amazing ludum dare game. The theme this time was “Running Out of Power”. I interpreted the power for this game as body heat. The player would have to go around collecting wood which will help heat up the house. It was a simple survival game with management elements involved. Unfortunelty I was a bit busy during this gamejam and the game kinda ends up being repetitive but I’m still proud of the end result.

Picture There are 4 different characters you can play. The one outside would be losing there warmth slowly as they go outside to collect wood. The one’s staying inside the house would slowly recover their warmth as long as there is wood burning. If not they also slowly lose their warmth. If its night, it gets colder outside so its better to go inside and sleep. Oh, and there are wolves :P

I soloed this one and tried to go for the 48 hour mark which is the hardcore solo challenge in the Ludum Dare game jam. The 72 mark I have been doing has more relaxed rules and you can work with team mates and use other resources. The 48 hour challenge is all done from scratch with just you. Eventually i will make it to the 48 hour mark but I’m still impressed with the end result despite a lot of short coming in this one.