Ludum Dare 38: Little Polys

Picture This Ludum Dare was special since It was my first team Jam. The theme for this game was “Small World” so we decided to make a city management type game. I worked on the programming and a guy I found on /r/inat known as DarkNinja who is very talented in low poly art did all the art work. I had less time to worry about art and can focus on all the coding especially since we decided to do a RTS game which is program heavy compered to most genres. I’m very proud of the end result despite not implementing everything.

Picture The game was about making a base by getting resources from the land. The three resources are food, wood, and meat. As you place more huts you got more people. Every night monsters come and attack the villagers.

I was very very proud of the end result of this game. It is very playable and turns out to be very fun. There are alot of youtubers player the game and one gave it the attention of over 80,000 views! :O

As much as I love making games, I love to see the experience someone gets when they play one of my games.



Popular Youtuber Playing my game: