KSU 2021 Spring GameJam | The Resident

image of game 1 image of game 2 image of game 3

Made by Team Penguu for the KSU 2021 Spring GameJam in 40 hours.

Goal is to find the three gems in the house. You win if you find all three and if you put it in the back of your pickup truck.

You can open and close doors if you hold left click on the door and drag.

Resident can’t go outside!

Controls: WASD: Movement Shift - Sprint Space - Jump (Hold) Left Click - Pick things up / Open Doors Right Click - Throw

Watch out for the Resident! They will appear after a certain amount of time. You can only take three hits!

All Assets created by us!

Used Unity Game Engine with its associated libraries

Team: Penguu

Ramil Hinshaw - Programmer Desiree Hinshaw - House 3D Modeler Tiffany Huynh - 3D Artist Joe Mazzara - Audio Producer

Itch.io: https://ramilhinshaw.itch.io/the-resident