ICT Winter 2018 GameJam: Attack of the Forest Creatures

This was made for a local Game Jam here in Wichita, KS called the ICT Winter 2018 GameJam. This was my first gamejam were I had to attend in person for the event (unlike ludum dare). In fact this very event was happening at the college I was going to so I didn’t have much of an excuse not to go. The event was very fun and enjoyable and I would love to go to another event in the future.

Picture Just like many other game jams, we are given 48 hours to create a game after the theme gets finalized from our votes. The theme for this jam was “One Button” which was not my favorite out of the bumch but was definitely doable. Like always I recorded most of the development behind my game (12 hours of recording)

Picture My game is a simple tower defense game with the forest critters as your adversaries. Bunnies and deers, or even bunnies on deers will come out of the forest to attack the players fort. To simply defend you shoot them with your given gun while watching out for your bullet count (which is infinite but reloading is still a wait time). The ‘!’ at the bottom right was suppose to be used for the one button theme to nuke the animals. If you scroll up in the game, you will notice a plane dropping a nuke that I didn’t finish implementing. There is also a currency system in place that was never fully implemented also. Though despite all that I’m happy with the result and next time I know how to prepare for this event.

Timelapse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrlJ4HHW-l8

Itch.io: https://ramilhinshaw.itch.io/attack-of-the-forest-creatures