First and foremost, Happy New Year!

Just like every other New Year I like to plan a realistic goal for that year and achieve it before the end of the year. Last year my goals weren’t ambitious for a developer.

They were:

I achieved all the goals at the top of the list. I taught myself Html, CSS, and a little javascript and as a result I created this website. This website is actually my second attempt design wise. I had two goals for the design of this website and it was minimalism and with my personality embedded into it.

The first person controller for unity is what the name applies. It was my attempt a AAA style first-person controller script with FOV changing when you sprint, headbobbing, jumping and my favorite, the ability to pick things up and play with Unity’s Physics system.

For the longest time I never really understood how a computer works and that’s understandable because there is so much abstraction happening in the background that makes high level coding easy. Last semester I took a class in Digital Design that taught me how to read binary, octal, and hexadecimal and how half-adders, full-adders, multiplexers, decoders, clocks, etc worked. It was a very important class especially pairing this up with learning how a CPU works. A lot of the stuff I learned in Digital Design was handled by the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) in the CPU. I can happily say a computer isn’t this magical box to me anymore.

I have a youtube account under the alias Glauz where I frequently post videos my Ludum Dare timelapses and cover things on Unity3D not covered on youtube yet like my Character Customization with Blend Shape Video. I do this because I love looking at my past work done in a timelapse. Its the encouragement I need to show my present self that I can work hard when I set my mind on it. Ludum Dare is my Love/Hate relationship. It gets so tiring at the end of it and feels like I took a lot of mental damage but the thrill on having a project in the end of it is so satisfying.

The next goal is a life style choice for myself. When I had to renew my Driver’s License and I gave my weight to them, I asked how much I weighed previously and their reply hit me hard. I somehow gained 35 pounds in college so I was adamant on losing it all. Took 2 years (and back and forth struggle) but I managed to drop down to 149 pounds from 185. Though the tasty food from Thanksgiving and the Holiday break shamelessly brought me back up to 153 pounds I’m confident I can bring it back down easily and its actually turned out quite fun to do now.

The next one is all about cutting the cord since my parents needed another alternative. So what we did just like everyone was use the internet for our entertainment and TV watching. We also wanted a way to store our files and record anything on the TV like we did with our last DVR system. After lots of researching on the internet the best conclusion and most cost efficient way to do this within out budget was to get a R710 on Ebay (they appear to be cheap along this time since they hit the end of their release cycle) setup proxmox and zRaid2 on it incase one of the harddrives fail, get 8 refurbished 3TB HGST harddrive since BackBlaze stress test a lot of harddrives and these appear to be the best and setup plex, and samba onto it. Some might say overkill and just get a NasBox but ironically the R710 was cheaper and can do more then just being a filestorage. Plus the biggest reason was so I can play around with enterprise equipment and software. Its very fun spinning up my own virtual machine on proxmox to test various programs.

Learning Vim wasn’t as difficult the internet made it out to be. A lot of people had trouble with using their arrow keys when they weren’t suppose to and learning all the different commands. As I’m typing this I’m using vim to create this markdown file along with vim to create the css and html for this website. And its a blast, something so old yet so powerful and fast if you can master it. For those learning, vim the fastest way I learned it may be the most masochistic way of doing it. On my arch Linux the way its setup is I don’t use the mouse at all. All the navigation is done with my keyboard (including my browser experience) and those keybindings are vim like keys. On my arch Linux I have a window manager called i3 and all the keys are set up with vim style keys. On chromium I’m using a plugin called Vimium that allows me to navigate with just my keys and firefox has a similar plugin called vimfx. Basically If I wanted to do anything with my computer I had no choice but to learn vim and I can happily say I have no regrets. I use vim for everything, Html, CSS, Javascript, C, C++, Bash, Markdown, and Python. I do not however use it since C# and Java IDE’s are better suited for those languages since they have their own runtime environments (.net & jve).

For Arch Linux have I mentioned I run Arch Linux :)

Git wasn’t difficult when it came to learning compared to arch Linux and vim. I messed with gui editor called Smart Gui that I completely understood before I moved into the shell. I also worked with a team of people using git on the internet and I can say merge conflicts weren’t fun and smartgit made that process easier. Though I’d rather do everything from if I can.

And last is self explanatory and I mention it earlier but just completing one Ludum Dare project was my main goal of last year. It was my biggest hurdle the year before but now I’m happy I achieved that multiple times last year and will continue to do so If I have the time of course.

Now with all the reminiscing out of the way, I will have a more ambitious goal for this year.

For my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions, I will be a bit more ambitious this year:


These are my goals and they will be my achievements for this year.